Italian OEM
12. September 2019
US American Tier 1
12. September 2019

Body / wheels / chassis


German OEM for forged aluminium wheels


German OEM


Lightweight forged wheels with aerodynamic properties 
Sporty exclusive forged wheels with wheel bolt caps 
Chassis parts made of forged aluminium 

BBP Activities:
  • Analysing the market situation and working out possible project approaches 
  • Identification of the market and competitive situation as well as the development of solutions. Launching innovations to the secure the market 
  • Analysing Tier2 subcontractors for emblems and forged parts 
  • Project management support and development up to series production maturity 
  • Tracking of tests and test results at the customers location 
  • Support during the start of series production 
  • Development and expansion of the existing wheel turnover at the OEM
  • Introduction of a new product in the chassis area for commercial vehicles